• Keryn Ross: Love of geology consistent over a lifetime

    Master’s student Keryn Ross was intrigued with geology long before she knew that it existed.

    “When I was in 2nd grade, I read a book about the volcanoes of Hawaii and in this book there was a little boy and he was watching the scientists work.”


  • As Great Salt Lake dries up, Utah air quality concerns blow in

    Wind picks up dust, sand and particulates off the dried lakebed of the Great Salt Lake and blows it towards the Wasatch Front on Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015. As the lake levels drop, more light sand and minerals become exposed to the open air.

  • A Ptoothy Pterosaur with Fangs

    Dr. Brooks Britt recently uncovered a new and very early species of pterosaur from the Late Triassic - more than two hundred million years ago. Listen to his interview on Quirks and Quarks about it here

  • Super Volcano

    Dr. Eric Christiansen talks about Utah’s super volcano at Wah Wah springs that erupted30 million years ago, releasing 5,900 cubic kilometers of ash and magma.  

    Learn what creates a super volcano and what its eruption looks like.

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The geological sciences consist of a number of disciplines aimed at understanding the earth's origin and development and the natural processes that have operated upon it and within it from the time of the formation of the solar system.