• BYU Inspiring Learning Medallion

    A beautiful one-ounce silver medallion, commemorating James E. Talmage and the President's emphasis on experiential learning, has been minted by our department, and is now available for purchase!

  • Digging Into Plate Tectonics

    We live in a moving world – not even the rocks under our feet are fixed (as many of us experienced yesterday). On this recent episode of Constant Wonder, host Marcus Smith sat down with geological sciences professor Ron Harris to talk about the beauty and drama of tectonic plates. [Listen]

  • Urban Dust and Dry Lakebeds

    BYU Geological Sciences researched the effect of dry lakebeds on urban dust

  • Jani Radebaugh on Instagram

    If you've felt a little unsure or stressed during the rapid transition to online classes, you're not alone. But we're all going to figure this out together. Dozens of faculty members rallied together to create a string of heartfelt encouragement for our students as everyone geared up for the first day back to class. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor. It's the boost we all needed. [Watch]


Department Overview

The geological sciences consist of a number of disciplines aimed at understanding the earth's origin and development and the natural processes that have operated upon it and within it from the time of the formation of the solar system.