BYU Geologists in the News

CPMS News (July 2013)

Geology Department Digs New Mineral Display

Lorin Pugh’s “habit” of mineral collecting, a hobby he has enjoyed since his childhood, has led to a wonderful new exhibit for the Department of Geological Sciences and the Eyring Science Center.

BYU News (July 30, 2013)

Sand dunes swallowing Anakin Skywalker’s hometown

New research describes a fast-moving sand dune in Tunisia that is spilling onto the streets of the Star Wars set used to portray Anakin Skywalker’s childhood home.

CMPS News (June 2013)

New Geology Chair Rocks

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity is actually the motivation that drives the newly announced chair of the Department of Geological Sciences, Dr. John McBride.

BYU News (November 2012)

Himalayan glaciers will shrink even if temperatures hold steady

Come rain or shine, or even snow, some glaciers of the Himalayas will continue shrinking for many years to come. The forecast by Brigham Young University geology professor Summer Rupper comes after her research on Bhutan, a region in the bull’s-eye of the monsoonal Himalayas.

BYU News (March 5, 2012)

Geologists Bring Antarctic Ice Cores to Campus

BYU Geology master’s student Jessica Williams and BYU Professor Randy Skinner joined researchers from NASA and the University of Utah to obtain 160 ice samples in locations across Western Antarctica.

CPMS Faculty Newsletter (March 2012):

Geology Professor Scopes Out Distant Moon

Geology professor Jani Radebaugh has found a true geologist’s paradise and is making plans to explore this paradise from high above its surface.

CPMS News (February 21, 2012):
Stream Table Opens the Floodgates

With the assistance of Little River Research & Design, BYU recently installed the new stream table, the fourth of its kind in existence. The table will be used extensively in the Department of Geological Sciences for research and teaching opportunities.

CPMS News (January 19, 2012):
Rediscovering Provo’s First Tabernacle

Did you know the history of the Provo Tabernacle goes deeper than the burnt ruins above the surface?

CPMS News (January 5, 2012):
Geology Students Break New Ground in Nauvoo

Professors Bill Keach and John McBride from the Department of Geological Sciences took students to Nauvoo to do field-work and to help both The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Community of Christ benefit from the students’ work and data.

CPMS News (September 20, 2011):
Joke Time – Preserving Sanity and Boosting Grades

It was a leap of faith that brought Randy Skinner to BYU in 2003.

BYU Wins International SEG Challenge Bowl Finals

September 19, 2011

Matt Davis and Forrest Roberts (now at Univ of Texas) won the SEG Challenge Bowl Finals held Monday, September 19, 2011. They beat out 8 other teams from around the world.  In doing so they won each of the three rounds.  After the first round 5 teams were cut (Canada, East Africa, South America, Europe and Asia). After the second round twomore were dropped (Univ of Oklahoma and Univ of Houston).  In the final round they won a hard fought final over a team from West Africa (Nigeria).

Matt and Forrest represented BYU extremely well, both with their knowledge and their deportment. In addition to lots of recognition, they won a nifty plaque, a nice cash prize AND a job interview with ExxonMobil. The BYU Geology program is indeed competitive with the best from around the world.

Regional SEG Challenge Bowl

Every Winter semester the students in Bill Keach’s Advanced Seismic Interpretation course attend the 3D Seismic Symposium in Denver. In conjunction, The Society of Exploration of Geopnysicists (SEG) holds a competition for students from the western US region. It is a quiz bowl wherein teams of two people are asked questions about geology, geophysics (including seismic reflection, gravity, magnetics, etc.) and SEG history.

In 2009 BYU took third losing to Wyoming and Stanford (who took 1st place).

In 2010 BYU took second place losing to Wyoming in an over-time round. Stanford came in 3rd. Wyoming went on to win the international competition.

This year, on March 28th, BYU took first place in the competition.  The winning team consisted of Matt Davis (grad student) and Forrest Roberts (senior).  Other students that competed included the teams of Stephen Phillips and Steven Herbst (took 3rd) and Walt Harston and Cameron Griffin. Forrest and Matt will now have an opportunity to compete with other winning teams from around the world at the SEG annual meeting in September.

Daily Herald (October 1, 2010)

BYU Team Uses CT Scans on Dino Bones

BYU News (June 2010)
Oasis near Death Valley fed by ancient aquifer under Nevada Test Site, study shows

CPMS Faculty Newsletter (March 2010…scroll to page 6)
Kowallis Unlocks Mysteries in Sand Dunes

CPMS Faculty Newsletter (February 2010…scroll to page 4)
Paleontologists Discover New Dinosaur

Science Daily ( February 2010)
New Dinosaur Discovered Head First, for a Change

Deseret News (September 2009)
BYU Study Shows Ancient Glaciers Grew in Hot Temperatures

By James Thalman

Daily Universe (August 2009)
BYU Geologist Solves Mystery of Glaciers That Grew While Asia Heated Up

Daily Universe (May 2009)
Sauropod fossils on display at museum
By Cerissa Urry

Daily Universe (April 2009)
BYU geology book maps some backyard treasures

Science Daily (December 2007)
Mountains Discovered On Titan, Saturn’s Largest Moon


Video: Exploring I0: Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon