Program Overview

BYU MS in Geology is a superb choice for capable students who value rigorous academic development, world-class research opportunities, and outstanding post-graduate career placement. Students have the opportunity to work closely with our diverse 16-member faculty whose specialties include mineralogy and petrology, petroleum geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, structure and tectonics, planetary geology, glaciology/climatology and paleontology. Students conduct research across the globe in regions as diverse as Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Switzerland, Turkey, and New Zealand.

Our graduate students' thorough academic preparation, coupled with the department's strong academic reputation, lead to prime post-graduation opportunities. Numerous graduates proceed to some of the best PhD programs in the country. Additionally, students are consistently placed with prominent organizations such as Exxon-Mobile, Chevron, and Anadarko, as well as viable jobs in the environmental and mining industries.